Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hayes' Scooby Doo Birthday!

Hello friends! Today I have a personal post to share with you on my blog! This past weekend was my youngest son, Hayes, 7th Birthday. He is a very serious Scooby Doo fan, so that's what he wanted his party to be about! I love Scooby and the Gang, so I was very excited about putting this party together! My lovely Sister-in-law snapped some pictures....just was the guests were arriving, we had some cows and a horse escape and there was chaos! We managed to get everyone back into their pens with the help of some parents and a few kids LOL! That was the main hitch. Other than the initial rodeo, the party went smoothly ;) I should probably upload his Mickey Mouse party from last year! This kid likes a big hoorah! LOL

When I started planning this party, I did a lot of searching on Pinterest, and one blog that really caught my eye was a fellow Canadian (she's in Saskatchewan and I'm next door in Alberta). I love VixenMade's take on the Scooby Doo Party she did for her daughter. So I have to give her a ton of credit for inspiring me with her awesomeness!!! 

So here's the treats and stuff set up on my built in buffet. There were tons of sweets (sorry parents for the sugar overload!) I filled up dollar store vases with jelly beans, skittles and other candy. The lime bowls are from Michaels (they were spring baking stuff that was 75% off). I got the big terrarium from Michaels with my 40% off coupon so it was around $14. I put in sugar cookies that I baked and decorated with run sugar. This was my first attempt at run sugar. Its not easy LOL! I will improve though ;) Most other stuff was from the dollar store. 

Here you can see the cookies, and some cake pops (monsters and ghosts), and some other sweets...

The big wooden flowers from dollar store and the wooden frame were painted. I added 'S' and 'D' (Michaels) that I also painted and glued on. We dressed up as Scooby and the Gang for Halloween this year, so I thought it would be fun to include a picture of us! The tissue pompom type garland was from the Dollar Store, as well as the big ones hanging from the chandelier. I lucked out with a bunch of spring/summer party supplies and decor that are out right now. I chopped up some silk flowers and made a little arrangement in a terra cotta pot.

My favourite of the whole party was the hamburger cupcakes- everyone knows Scooby and Shaggy can bang back a LOT of burgers! I thought that I came up with this on my own, but looking at youtube, I see I am not the first one ;) I baked up some white cupcakes, and added a tiny bit of yellow food colouring gel to get the burger bun colour. I made a fairly thin pan of brownies, and used a circle cookie cutter to make the patties. The lettuce was made from green chewy candies that I unwrapped, microwaved a touch, and used a rolling pin and parchment to roll them out thin. The ketchup and mustard are just buttercream icing that was microwaved to make a bit runny. I added white sprinkles with white icing 'glue' on top  of the buns.

 Here's the picture of us! I also have never made cake pops. Thankfully these are monsters and not supposed to be pretty LOL!

Here's the cake! My MIL had an old cake pan from my husbands childhood- it was used to make him an A-Team cake when he was a boy LOL! Anyway, she kept it and said she had the perfect cake pan for Hayes' Mystery Machine cake! I don't normally enjoy decorating these formed type cakes, but my Hayes wanted the Mystery Mommy had to oblige ;) I'm no expert in freehand decorating LOL

I also got these bottle wrapper printable from VixenMade HERE. These bottles of juice are from Walmart. They were on sale for 6pack/2.00. They are mini bottles, so these wraps would have to be adjusted for a larger bottle of pop, water or whatever. I loved these juices because they coordinated with the colours!! They are probably the worst thing for you on the planet, but sometimes we make concessions on nutrition and flavour for a nice aesthetic party look LOL!

We had some better plans for the treat bags, but I ran out of time! So I had my middle son just put loot into paper bags and fold them over, securing with some fancy duct tape. The Scooby tags were printed on thin card stock and trimmed out. You can find that free printable HERE.

 One of the things about the party that I think the kids enjoyed most was the Mystery we put together for them to solve. I was inspired by VixenMade again, but made up my own clues. When the guests arrived we had them put their presents in one spot. Then when they were playing in the basement, we quickly snatched them up and loaded them into the wheelbarrow and hid them out in the tack shed/future chicken coop. We had them follow riddle-like clues to run all through the house and yard to eventually find the presents! They loved it and burned off some steam ;) Hayes unwrapped everything on the front deck and then we had one of Scoob and Shag's favourite meals- PIZZA!

Kids eating everywhere! Inside and on the back deck...


Blowing out the candles!

Okay, this next prop was a little bit of a project! I took two white poster boards, and sketched out the characters (minus the faces, which I didn't need), based on google images. I then painted everyone (along with a set of wooden glasses on a pick, for Velma). My husband built me a frame for it and screwed the poster board in place. We trimmed out the faces and it was ready to go! I didn't really know what I was doing and might have made the characters and face holes a bit too large for the size of children. But the great thing about kids is they aren't hung up on details and my boy thought I was a rockstar for creating this ;) Of course now it's in my living room and I have no idea what to do with it LOL

I hope you've enjoyed a little peek inside my little guys birthday party extravaganza! Thanks for stopping by!

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