Friday, December 10, 2010

Sicky Sickerson

Wow- 2 blog appology/excuse posts in one week?? Crazy, I know! But if you girls knew the state I'm in right now, you'd surely understand my lack of creativity....Firstly, this rotten cold/cough has again and my weak immune system (blame the kidlets for that) just couldn't ward it off. Think that's it? NO! I am relatively new to my 3rd decade, and feel pretty young overall, so imagine my dismay when I found not one, but TWO deep crevace's on my sweet cherub face! Well, I consulted a local Mary Kay'er and didn't feel like forking out $180 for a face cream kit, so I headed over to the drug store and bought a $50 kit. Not really knowing what was what (it was in 'en francais', and my meager French 10 training 15 years ago let me down) I took a gamble and started using it with no direction. For all I know I was putting the cleanser on and leaving it on, or using the spot treatment as a whole face moisturizer..... Anyway, fastforward 2 days and I was left with an allergic reaction on my face that left me itchy, red, swollen and overall hideous. Even my 85 year old grandpa, whom is recovering from a heart attack and in the hospital, who had just had a hit of Nitro spray and is on oxygen and an IV, said to me when I was visiting "what happened to your face??"......Am I done? Not yet! Midway through this week from hell, my youngest son passed pink eye over to mom, so I woke up one morning with my eyes glued shut and burning like the bowels of hell. By this point in the story, I'm sure you have some kind of visual of what I might look like. Well, it's worse than what you came up with. I'll gaurantee. So far thats where I'm at for now. After all, it is only Friday and there is still plenty of time this weekend to add some new affliction to my list of problems!!

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Noelle said...

Omigosh, Jenny! That sounds HORRIBLE :( I really hope you feel better soon (and I get a kick out of your sense of humor, too!) Hang in there and get better!