Friday, December 31, 2010

Hey Homegirls!

Well I sure hope everyone had a great Christmas!! It goes so fast and I always get kinda bummed out after it's all over:( There's so much excitement leading up to the big 'morning' and within minutes it's all over!! I enjoyed watching my boys overflowing with joy, waiting for Santa to come and then the pure shock Christmas morning when they yell "He came, he came!!!!!!!!!!!!!", like they weren't quite certain that he would deliver them goodies!!! It makes me kind of sad that in no time at all they will start 'unbelieving' one by one....Ryan's already got alot of questions about how it can really be done in one short night, but we found this awesome website Christmas Eve...Santa tracker or something like that...and he was entralled with watching the sleigh buzz all over the world. The good ol' internet was enough to convince him for this year at least! lol
Anyway- I am knee deep in a bunch of projects, some I am finishing up and will be able to post right away and some that I am submitting for publication (YIKES!!!!! So nervous already!), so depending on how that pans out, I may have some new things to show you come mid-january when they get rejected (or not?) OR best case scenario, they like something and it gets published and you will see my stuff in an upcoming PaperCrafts issue! Wish me luck!!!!
Hope that you all have a safe and happy New Year!!!


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