Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sneaky Peek Day 5- Wet Puddle

Wowza! Busy week!! So are you enjoying TCP's fabulous new stamps? I am LOVING this release:) Usually when companies do their releases there are a few sets that I think are cute, but just don't grab me in the way that it feels justafiable to hit the "I want it all" button on the checkout. That being said, The Cat's Pajamas has blown me out of the water with this release...I LOVE THEM ALL! And if Alma had not been the nicest person ever and given me these sets, then I really would have drug my rubber arm, mouse in hand, along my desk and hit that button! Sshhh....don't tell her that she would have made a big sale with this weak of will stamper on release day or she might not send me freebies anymore;)
Anyway- onto the crafty business at hand. Today's preview is called 'Wet Puddle' and features the sweetest little gaffer (I think this is a she that could pass for a he with the right colours and papers) all decked out in rainclothes! Now depending where you hale from litte 'Pat' could be wearing red polka dot galloshes, gum boots, rain boots, overshoes...but here in good ol' redneck Alberta we call them rubber boots and they are usually $7.00 at Peavey Mart and they come in black or black. I see adds in magazines and such for fancy rubber boots that only cost a reasonable $125, but come on people, are you really willing to get them covered in cow s**t?? I think not, and in these parts, that's what rubber boots are for- mucky corrals!! We don't wear them over skinny jeans at the mall (seriously- I saw that the other day). But this kid is special, maybe it's even their birthday, so mom didn't buy the boots at Peavey... she gets red polka dots from the fancy mail order store:)

I did a bit of paper-piecing-Pat (say that 5 times fast), coloured the hair a nice reddish tone (E17.19.27) and added some freckles (which have a striking resemblance to my face at age 14- in retrospect, I think I should have left the freckles off but what's done is done:) Acne it is! Bring on the Proactiv Jessica Simpson;)
I also put a thick coat of crystal effects on both the raincoat and boots. The coat buttons are MFT's baby braddies. I used my lovely new MME dp and some old SU satin ribbon. I also used two of TCP's fabulous Cutup dies (wave for the bottom, using the negative side of the die so that the base dp would actually depict the water....and button for the little twine tied buttons on the sentiment flags). I used two of the sentiments on the card front, stamped onto spellbinder die cut cs.

I also used the current Verve sketch (March week 4) for this card. I sure hope that you enjoyed my sneaky peek for today! Thanks ever so much for stopping by- I appreciate each and every visit:)


Melissa said...

OMG, Jenny! You nearly made me spit out my coffee with your cow s**t comment! It's sooooo true! And boots over skinny jeans? What's the world coming to??

Amy Rohl said...

Oh WOW, Jenny! So many great details, where do I start?! How about Audrey's shiny slicker, or your coloring, or the great cross stitches holding the double sentiment...oh, and then the wave die?! Holy smacks, this is the real deal, girl!

Lisa H. said...

soooo fabby! loove what you did here, soooo cute with all those polka dots.