Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hi there...long time, no blog

Oh my, it's been almost a week since my last post! It's been a hectic hubby came home and you'd think that would give me more time for stamping, but I seem to get less done when he's home...maybe I feel guilty if I lock myself away in my stampin room while we could be spending time together?? And I also was away at a retreat this past weekend. My baby album is almost finished:) Maybe I'll get around to posting some of my fav pages sometime. Then Monday night was my stampers group night and I spent all of monday preparing their projects and making popcorn balls for my middle sons preschool party. Tuesday was the party and that night I started getting a sore throat and feeling yucky:( Yesterday we had appointments in town and had family supper at my moms, and today I am working on getting my house ready for our annual Halloween party tomorrow night! I also have a Copics class in Red Deer that I should be going to, although I can just pick the kit up and do the projects at home without the instructors help.....I guess we'll see what the weather brings later- it's foggy right now. And this weekend we also have family from Ontario visiting...Yikes!! Busy right?
I also would like to take this time to vent a little....not like last time, hang in there- I promise I'll keep it short;) So, I worked really hard on my TCP blog hop contest (the prize was their whole new release) and then they picked a winner throught a random generator! What the heck!! I worked hard! I think that we are all adults and we shouldn't have to be treated like preschoolers who all need to be 'picked' to feel good. But I got over it:) Here is some good news: My card was featured as one of Mercy's Magnificent Musings again....Awesome! Makes me feel great, and then I read on to find out that next week she'll be going to the random generator to select her favorites (which isn't really her favorites if it's random)....In this paper crafts industry, aren't people wanting to showcase the projects that 'stand out'? Do the magazines print the cards they do because they let a random generator select them...not likely! Their sales sure wouldn't be as high if they they went for the 'no hurt feelings' method of selection. I'm by no means trying to say that I'm the best! I'm far from it, but I am striving to do my best and in all honesty, part of that is to be recognized for my creations! And I understand that if there were always the same winners that people might stop entering...they should try and mix it up a little, but I don't think that completely random is the solution either. Anyway, there's my little vent session!!! If you hung in til the end, then thanks for listening....if not, then thats A-okay too;) I have some more little halloween cards that I need to get done this afternoon while Hayes is sleeping and Jake's in preschool. My hubby is going to help my dad with some farm work, so I should have ZERO monkeys on my back.....see ya later!

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