Monday, February 27, 2012

Finally, a winner.

Hi there! How was your weekend? I went on a roadie down south, to help my cousin make her wedding invites! Thank God she is the furthest thing from a Bridezilla you can get.....I couldn't handle it! I watched 'Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids' the other day...well, actually I could only watch about 10 mins before I'd had enough with all the psychos. It truly shocks me that someone even would want to marry those nutbars.....anyway, when Sue and I went dress shopping, we went to ONE store and she tried on FIVE dresses and bought the 4th....I picked a dress off the rack, ordered it (yes, I'll admit that I would have ripped the size 4 sample to ribbon shreads if I had tried it on) and she picked the colour. We were like a pair of dudes in there!!! LOL! That's how we roll!
So anyhow, with the excitement of my Dominican trip and then being gone and coming back to life, I completely forgot to draw my blog candy from the beginning of end of January! So here it is:

The winner is
I'll email you straightaway so you can get your TSG Puppy Love stamp set:)


Nancy Guse said...

Hi Jenny, check out my blog I have a surprise for you!! Hope you had a great weekend. I really enjoy looking through your blog.

Vivian Lindsay said...

Are you going to the island of Dominica? My mother was from there. It is a beautiful island! Very different from the other islands. Hope you have a fabulous trip. Please post pictures!