Monday, October 24, 2011

YNS Release!

Holy cow! Are you loving YNS's 14 Days of  Holiday Fun!! This is one of my fave releases, so hang on to your hats for what's coming up in the next little while;)
Today we are on day five, and I have a couple of cards to show you. The first features one of my most beloved Christmas icons, the three Wisemen. I love anything wisemen. A funny little story for ya- once, right before Christmas a few years ago, my mom and I were shopping downtown. We didn't have the kids with us, so we were going into all the 'nice' stores (read: anything other than Walmart;), going on about how nice it was to be able to browse without worrying about the kids breaking anything. All of the sudden...CRASH- there goes baby Jesus onto the floor, head rolling across the floor! -35* celcius makes for shopping in a huge winter coat, of which mine took out a Nativity scene, causing the decapitation of non other than the star of the show, JC. And guess what??? The clerk, in her Christian kindness, made me pay for the whole set!! She did give me the after-Christmas price, but poor Baby Jesus has his head stuck on with scotch tape ever since! Yes, I am a procrastinator and have never crazy glued the head back on. Now, some would take that little incident to be a bad omen, but I am not the type. I just think it makes for a funny story! My mom says that the look on my face was priceless (I disagree and think it was worth exactly $70).....

  For the inside, I used a sentiment from another set (Kraftin Kimmie), so please remember that it is NOT included in the Wisemen stamp:)

For my second card, I used the adorable Ellie Loves to Ski, and made my very first easel card, plus it's a shaker!
I love the way this turned out and I think I'll be making more of this style of card in the future. I absolutely love this card, as I used to be very into skiing, so this set is sentimental for me (actually it's really making me want to go skiing asap;)
Okay peeps, grab a coffee and settle in, because this is a LONG post!! I wanted to show you alot of pics of the easel card....and sorry if the lighting is poor. I took these in the evening under the Ott light.

Sentiment is from another company as well (TCP), but I thought it was fitting for the card;)
And here is a sideview of the card. I used a snowflake print acetate so that the shaker oval of the cardfront wouldn't be backed with a solid CS and you are still able to see the chunky glitter (snow).

 Some little Holiday Skittles (YNS) add interest and help to brace the cardfront up.
Here is a view of it open, so you can see the portion to write the message on.

Check out the YNS Blog for more designers previewing, and remember that the stamps are available to purchase the day that they are shown! And there is a wee little bit of a deal going might want in on that as well;) *hint hint*

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Karen (Your Next Stamp) said...

I love your wisemen story! HA HA HA TFS! Both of your cards are stunning and I love that you showed us so many different shots of the Ellie Skiing card! WOW! That is one cool shaker/easel card Jenny!